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Our easy, step-by-step quoting tool gives you the ability to design your dream shutters or garage doors. From materials, styles, finishes, and more, there are countless ways to make them your own. After you submit your quote request, we’ll put together your proposal ⎯ It’s that easy!

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We’re proud to offer complete end-to-end service with every custom shutter and garage door order. This is precisely why our services expand past just handcrafting your vision.

  • Pair you with a personal, Timberlane Expert to guide you through the designing process
  • Grant you complete access to our resource library to help spark inspiration for your unique design
  • Provide professional measuring and installation services for the perfect finished look

design your Timberlane custom exterior shutters by using our easy to use request a quote online tool

esign your Timberlane custom garage door by using our easy to use request a quote online tool

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